leikhreiður frá nobodinoz ljós leikmotta frá nobodinoz
Leikhreiður | Growing Green 16.490 kr
The new baby activity nest is perfect for your kids to develop their senses on their own, comfortably laying on this padded playmat. It offers various sensory activities: the crinkly leaf, the acorn-shaped rattle, the maple ring and the pear with honeycomb texture. Its edge is extra padded, so that your child does not go out of the activity nest. • Ø 100 cm diameter & 8 cm thick• 2 baby sensory activities: crinkle paper & rattle• solid maple wood ring, untreated for a mat finish• velcro strap to close and keep it• cotton handles
ljóst leikteppi í barnaherbergi leikteppi frá nobodinoz
Leikteppi | Kiowa 10.900 kr
Place this play mat in the centre of their room to symbolise how important is playtime and the sensorial development. In the meantime, you'll be adding a modern decor touch to the room!Or place it inside your teepee to create the most comfortable secret place to hide and play!Growing up, this play mat can easily become your bedside rug or find its place in your living room as an elegant carpet. • ⌀ 105 cm• organic cotton poplin• quilted design• comfy filling• machine washable
leikteppi fyrir börn í barnaherbergi blátt leikteppi í barnaherbergi frá nobodinoz
Leikteppi | Full Moon 8.900 kr
Full Moon round playmatt gold stella/ naturalThe Full Moon playmat comes in two sizes and many colors. A great addition to any room or playroom.Size L: 145 x 145 cmSize S: 105 x 105 cmAccesorize your Nobodinoz teepees with the Full Moon playmats • Round shaped.• Mix sizes and colors to create your ideal corner.• ORGANIC COTTON USA ORIGIN - GOTS - OEKO TEX CLASS 1 - Safe for Baby's skin - Good for the planet
velúr leikteppi fyrir ungabörn leikteppi fyrir börn í barnaherbergi
Velúr Leikteppi | Kilimanjaro 11.900 kr
Bring some light thanks to this stunningly elegant carpet. As a play carpet for your children, or as a design rug in your living room, its stripes' pattern gives him a modern, soft and zen touch. Will you succumb to the Farniente yellow version -the authentic midday sun, or rather to the captivating shades of the Night blue version -allegory of the full moon?• 105 x 105 cm• extra soft quilted eco-velvet• quilted with asymetric drawing effects• machine washable
grá leikdýna fyrir ungabörn frá nobodinoz leikdýna fyrir börn frá nobodinoz
Leikdýna | Zanzibar 12.900 kr
Bring elegance and softness to your kid's reading corner or play area on which your baby makes their very first steps. Combine it with a canopy or cushions to create a cosy universe that will help them develop their imagination• 120 x 60 x 4 cm• extra soft quilted eco-velvet• pile the mattresses up or place them next to one another to create either a reading corner or play area• removable cover• machine washable
Stór leikdýna fyrir börn frá Nobodinoz Stór leikdýna fyrir börn
Stór leikdýna | Bebop 17.900 kr
You'll love the Bebop foldable mattress, the 2-in-1 mattress: wide open, it's a large, firm play mattress for baby's development, and the size is also ideal for playgrounds. Once folded, create a comfortable reading corner, add a few cushions, a small blanket and that's it. The padding is made entirely of recycled fibres. • Open: 100 x 100 x 4 cm / Closed: 100 x 50 x 8 cm• organic cotton twill• density D20• removable cover• machine washable
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