leikfangakarfa frá nobodinoz röndótt leikfangakarfa frá nobodinoz
Leikfangakarfa | Django 5.900 kr
The Django basket is the practical decorative element that you always need. Ideal for storing small toys or accessories for changing your baby. Nobodinoz fabric storage baskets will help you organise any space in your home. Combine the different sizes and colours and enjoy an organised everyday life. • 22 x 23 cm• soft and resistant texture in cotton twill
Blá dóta karfa fyrir leikföng frá Nobodinoz Blá dóta karfa fyrir leikföng frá Nobodinoz
Leikfangakarfa | Bamboo 8.490 kr
Being organised is cool again! Give your room some style while storing all the things on our Bamboo storage bags. 2 available sizes: -Small size: 35x35cm-Large size: 42x42 cm • Multi purpose storage bag.• Great storage capacity.• Made with 2 handles to move around easily.• Easy to close lid.
velúr leikfangakarfa í barnaherbergi Velúr Leikfangakarfa | Savanna
Velúr Leikfangakarfa | Savanna 8.900 kr
Tidying up your room is now child's play! Your children's toys will naturally find their place in the striped interior of this colourful toy bag.Thanks to its elegant and timeless design and its bright recycled velvet, you could even find a double purpose for it as a laundry bag... • 40 x 35 x 35 cm• extra soft quilted eco-velvet• water repellent lining• braided natural cotton hanldes• machine washable
stór leikfangakarfa frá nobodinoz Leikfangakarfa | Odéon
Leikfangakarfa | Odéon 8.490 kr
This toy bag will allow your children to tidy up quickly and easily. Practical and pretty, it is easy to move around thanks to its cotton braid handle.Thanks to its elegant and timeless design, you can give it a double life as a laundry bag. • Ø 37 x 41 cm• braided cotton hanldes
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