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Little Lights

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The Little Lights lamp is the perfect addition to the children’s room. With it, you can create a unique atmosphere for playtime and bedtime reading. With Little Lights, no night will be scary anymore.

This high-quality children’s night light is made of 100% natural pine wood. Little Lights are created by hand in a small factory in Krakow. It is not only a beautiful object for everyday use, but also a keepsake that will last throughout childhood and remain in the family for generations.

Dimensions: 19x37x5,5 cm
Solid Pinewood
LED Lights / Warm White 2,2W
Input: AC 100-240 Output: DC 5V
Remote Control
Switch on the cord
Cord length 180 cm


Af hverju?

Whatever the activity, with the built-in dimmer option, you can easily adjust the lamp’s light to suit your mood and occasion. The brightest mode of the lamp is sufficient for when you want to read during bedtime and when dimmed, the lamp light is gentle enough for Little Lights to stay on all night. Thanks to LED technology, it is safe to sleep with Little Lights. The lamps do not heat up and use a low amount of energy. With one click, the lamp can be set to turn off automatically after 30 min, 60 min or 90 min.